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We welcome our new apprentices
We welcome our new apprenticesBack row from left: Raphael Burgmaier (mechatronics technician), Lorenz Emhart (mechatronics technician), Jan Koch (mechatronics technician), Jannik Högner (industrial mechanic) and Finn Scheit (industrial mechanic). Middle row from left: Felix Göttle (mechatronics technician), Felix Geisinger (mechatronics technician), Marcel Knopp (technical product designer), Moritz Restle (industrial clerk) and Niklas König (mechatronics technician). Front row from left: Anastasia Starikov (industrial mechanic), Elias Hettich-Erb (metal technology specialist), Joel Traub (industrial mechanic), Felix Hartmann (industrial mechanic) and Jan Erb (industrial mechanic).

The search for suitable employees and apprentices is becoming increasingly difficult. Every year, the effort to fill the vacancies becomes greater. With a lot of effort, however, we managed to recruit 16 new colleagues for the training workshop this year. This is the highest number we have ever had. Numerous advertisements, permanent advertisements, training fairs and large posters were necessary for the desired success.

It is nice to see that the efforts are worthwhile and have the desired effect. We are looking forward to the new colleagues and hope to continue to counteract the skilled labour shortage in the future and to support young people in starting their future. On the first of September, we welcome five industrial mechanics, one female industrial mechanic, six mechatronics technicians, one metal technology specialist, one industrial clerk and one technical product designer at the Paul training workshop. A student for electrical engineering at the Baden Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) will start his studies at Paul on the first of October. We wish them all a successful start.

Vocational training at Paul has a long tradition. As early as 1925, the year the company was founded, the first apprentice began his training as a mechanic. Almost a hundred years and many apprentices later, with the new training year there are currently around 45 career starters working at Paul. We are proud of our high apprenticeship quota and hope to secure the next generation in the long term by providing varied, modern and diversified training.

In our own training workshop, during everyday work and in production, our apprentices are taught practical learning content, which is supplemented by theoretical learning material in vocational school. Our full-time training supervisors Josef Dreher, Frank Fuchsloch and Alexander Böttle prepare the next generation for their professions. They are supported by other training instructors, for example from the design or software departments. With our own junior staff, we can later fall back on highly qualified workforce who is already familiar with the product range and the organization in the company. Therefore, training should be seen as an investment in the future.