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Synchronized stroke display for safe detensioning
Synchronized stroke display for safe detensioningSynchronized stroke display in use

By means of the synchronized stroke display the operator can monitor the detensioning process outside the danger zone. If the detensioning cylinders are not retracted synchronously, a pointer is deflected to the right or to the left via Bowden cables. From the optical aid one can easily see which drain valve needs to be actuated to counteract this oblique pulling of the transverse anchor plate. The operator can also read the total stroke from an additional scale.

There are two fastening possibilities for the synchronized stroke display:

  1. Installation at the motor pump unit: The display is pushed with the pump unit from one casting bed to the other and the Bowden cables are simply connected and disconnected. The length of the Bowden cables is available to match the length of the hydraulic hoses between pump unit and cylinder.
  2. Fixed installation at each casting bed.