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Ground Anchors at Hazelmere Dam Raising
Ground Anchors at Hazelmere Dam RaisingThe Hazelmere Dam in South Africa

Hazelmere Dam in South Africa, approx. 30 km north of Durban was reinforced and raised 7 m during 2015-2017 to nearly double the reservoir’s capacity.

Specialist Ground Anchoring contractor SRG from Australia were contracted to install and stress the high-capacity Ground Anchors with up to 91 x 279 kN MBL strands and up to 95 m length.
To stress the anchors SRG commissioned PAUL to manufacture  stressing jacks of 15,000 kN and 22,000 kN load capacity and 1,000 mm stroke each to enable the stressing process to be completed in a single stroke.

A total of 40 anchors 61 x 0.62" were stressed by the 15,000 kN  jack. The larger anchors up to 91 strands (equalling the world’s highest capacity permanent ground anchors) were stressed by the 22,000kN jack. The 22,000kN stressing jack is the biggest capacity PAUL ever built. Both jacks were delivered on site including calibration certificate issued by national authorities.