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Start in the Strand Lifting Technology
Start in the Strand Lifting Technology

The companies DaSTec and PAUL are cooperation partners in the field of lifting technology. They collaborate in the supply of system solutions and proven, top-quality products for lifting, lowering and pulling heavy loads.

DaStec develops the application solution.<br/> PAUL supplies the equipment.

Since 1955, PAUL has developed and built stressing jacks and hydraulic pump units for the manufacture of prestressed concrete products, and since 1986 has also supplied a series of strand jacks with mechanical anchor heads. The company‘s many years of experience in these fields and DaSTec‘s hands-on practical expertise have been channelled into the development of new, efficient and durable products for strand lifting applications.

A new series of lifting cylinders with hydraulic anchor heads now permits the automatic movement of loads, supplementing the existing product spectrum.