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Mechanical engineering and party music
Mechanical engineering and party music

Despite the full order books, the holiday season is approaching in great strides at the mechanical engineering company Paul in Dürmentingen. It was important for the employees to meet the promised delivery dates on time as far as possible by then and they therefore had their hands full in the last few months. The upcoming summer holiday offers a chance to relax. But before the summer holiday arrives, the management and the employee representation thanked the staff with a summer party.

On Friday afternoon, a large number of Paul staff members gathered in the car park at the main entrance, some of them directly after work and others coming from home. The organizers had spared no effort and prepared quite a few surprises. An ice-cream van opened the afternoon before the first teams started the human table soccer tournament. In this game, like with table football, the footballers are tied tightly to poles while trying to get the ball into the opponent's goal with their feet. Despite the lack of movement radius and reduced running work, it is nevertheless a strenuous affair. Meanwhile, the Heudorf music club entertained footballers and spectators with brass band music. The office team of the circular sawing department finally won the tournament.

As the two previous end-of-year celebrations unfortunately had to be cancelled, managing partner Barbara Hering honoured the persons celebrating their jubilees of the years 2020 and 2021 after her welcoming speech. In total, they looked back on a proud 790 years of service. Josef Aßfalg, Manuela Baron, Waldemar Erb, Hermann Fetscher, Edgar Huber, Christine Müller, Waldemar Ortlieb, Thomas Reiser, Johann Seibel, Roland Ströhle, Durak Supi and Wilhelm Wied have been with Paul for 25 years. Gerold Birk, Uwe Fischer, Rudolf Frick, Rainer Geisinger, Reinhold Jutz and Robert Mack have already been with the company for 40 years. Among the veterans with 50 years of service are Josef Fuchsloch, Friedrich Müller, Arnulf Ocker, Walter Schlegel and Robert Sigg.

The necessary refreshment after the effort and the official part was provided by various food trucks in the form of grilled food, salads, filled pasta squares and crêpes. With this selection, all those present were sure to satisfy their tastes before winding down the evening with lots of party music, interesting conversations or just good mood.