Advisory service on the following subjects

  • New construction, conversion, renewal or load increase for casting beds
  • Multi-strand prestressing vs. single-wire/strand prestressing
  • Optimization of quality and documentation
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Automation
  • and many more


  • Planning of your abutments and casting beds
  • Implementation of our systems into your hall layout
  • Special-purpose machines and systems (e.g. for sleeper production, anchor manufacturing, etc., with various levels of automation

Special-purpose solutions for your subjects around prestressed concrete technology

  • Prestressing steel handling
  • Stressing
  • Stressing force transmission

Training courses

Training courses protect lives

  • Make staff members aware of dangerous situations and maintain their awareness!
  • Staff members learn to avoid unnecessary hazards and use tried and tested working methods.
  • Unrecognized hazard potentials in your existing plant can be detected and eliminated.

We offer

  • Theoretical and practical safety training courses with certificate of attendance and with the following main topics: setup of the casting bed, preparation, stressing, detensioning, maintenance, cleaning and servicing
  • Assistance during production, e.g. after commissioning of your new system
  • Individual training and instruction of your maintenance personnel at our workshop

As experts for prestressed concrete technology we are also working on European and national safety standards and rules.

Service at Paul

  • Inspection and maintenance of your machines, also of older models
  • Conversion of existing machines and systems to state-of-the-art technology or to your new requirements, provided that the conversion is economically justifiable
  • Factory calibrations according to DIN 51308

On-site service

  • Inspection of your casting bed to find out whether it is state-of-the-art
  • Risk assessment
  • Inspection and maintenance of your machines
  • Calibration according to DIN 51308