Stressing on the site

For prestressing on the construction site we supply multi-stressing jacks in rugged steel design or in lightweight construction, portable or wheel-mounted pump units, large pneumatic-tired strand pushing machines, with remote control on a cable or radio control, anchor wedges and a wide range of accessories.

Production in the factory

We supply all installation components, machines and accessories for prestressing on casting beds. They include the permanent components, such as abutment anchor posts, transverse anchor plates etc. Also when choosing mobile stressing equipment, our large product range always provides the appropriate solution.

Sleeper production

We supply automatic stressing and destressing equipment for the various processes in the production of prestressed concrete sleepers. This includes CNC-controlled button-heading equipment, automatic stressing and destressing machines with built-in spindle extractors for sleeper production in stress-resisting moulds.

For another process we supply automatic machinery for stressing the wires in hardened sleepers. Robots are also used here, and can prestress a large number of sleepers quickly and accurately.

Strand lifting technology

Since 1955, we have developed and built stressing jacks and hydraulic pump units for the manufacture of prestressed concrete products, and since 1986 have also supplied a series of strand jacks with mechanical anchor heads. The company‘s many years of experience in these fields and DaSTec‘s hands-on practical expertise have been channelled into the development of new, efficient and durable products for strand lifting applications.