Strand lifting technology

Controlled movement of heavy loads

Strand jacks are used for lifting and lowering of heavy loads where conventional crane technology reaches its limits. The major advantage of strand lifting technology is that small and handy units are hydraulically generating high pulling forces. Several strand jacks are synchronously moving loads by means of a control unit and uniformly lifting them at various points. This is where the advantage as against conventional crane technology is considerably taking effect.

Strand jacks are also used for displacing heavy loads. Railway bridges are often erected near an existing structure in order to maintain railway traffic and pulled into their final position within short time. An intelligent control unit is responsible for the synchronization of the strand jacks. When displacing, upward as well as downward slopes can be overcome using automatically controlled brake cylinders.

The latest generation of Paul strand jacks is based on more than 20 years of experience with strand jacks and more than 60 years of experience in the field of multi-stressing of strand anchors on construction sites. This know-how was brought into the completely new development of the synchronized stroke control for controlled movement of heavy loads.

For strand lifting technology we supply

  • Handy single strand jacks with only one strand for “small“ tasks
  • Strand jacks type PDM (200 KN – 1600 KN) with mechanical stressing grips as robust and reasonably priced solution. Easy manual control via multistage hydraulic unit.
  • Strand jacks type PDH (200 kN – 6400 kN) with hydraulic stressing grips, appropriate hydraulic units type PDP and rugged computer case with intelligent synchronized stroke control. The nominal forces of the strand jacks are adjusted to mixed operation, i.e. two small strand jacks can replace a larger one.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories such as storage cases, lifting platforms, strand guides, hose kits, uncoiling reels, dead end anchors and many more.
  • • Due to the close cooperation with our partner DasTec, in addition to the mere equipment, we also offer user solutions as well as a comprehensive advisory service by a professional in the strand lifting technology sector.

We should be glad to provide advice on the following subjects

  • Lifting and lowering heavy loads
  • Displacement (also upward slope and downward slope)
  • Synchronization control vs. manual lifters

Further fields of application for our strand lifting technology are:

  • Transverse and longitudinal displacement or pulling of bridges
  • Lifting of bridge segments
  • Lifting of roofs, ceilings and structures
  • Lifting of steam generator components in power plants
  • Lifting and displacement of tunnel boring machines
  • Installation of oil and gas platforms