Stressing on the site


Our product range for bridge construction includes a wide selection of stressing jacks, hydraulic units, pushing machines, anchor grips and handling equipment. Due to the decades of experience we offer rugged and long-lived machines for heavy-duty use on construction sites. Our machines are in use all over the world for stressing bridges, stay cables, but also for stressing LNG tanks under various climatic conditions.

For stressing bridges we supply

  • Single-wire stressing jacks with adaptable stressing heads for various anchors
  • Multi-stressing jacks with automatic stressing grips:
    • from 650 up to presently 22000 kN
    • from 100 up to 1000 mm stroke
    • with/without wedge seating device
    • with front stressing grip for small prestressing steel projection (working in constricted space conditions, saving strands)
    • with interior parts for easy conversion to various stressing systems
  • Hollow-piston cylinders with manual clamping device for strand anchors and bar anchors (if requested with ratchet drive)
  • Special stressing jack designs such as lightweight, flat, twin or gradient stressing jacks
  • Factory calibration up to 10000 kN or official calibration (presently up to 22000 kN)
  • TENSAcontrol (option): Elongation and force logging for documentation of your quality
  • Suitable hydraulic units (from portable up to pneumatic-tired versions, also special solutions with combustion engine)
  • Heavy-duty pushing machines:
    • up to 300 m strand
    • feed speed up to 9 m/s
    • manual joystick control or semiautomatic control
    • meter counter
    • with/wihout brake function
    • for bridges, stay cables or LNG tanks
  • Strand uncoiling reels
  • Accessories for prestressing wire, strand and machine handling
  • Post-tensioning wedges and barrels in all sizes and quantities
  • Anchor plates in small series

We should be glad to provide advice on the following subjects

  • Strand pushing
  • Anchor stressing
  • Wedge seating
  • Calibration
  • Approval of stressing methods

Stay cables

Engineers have already dealt with stay cable technology for spanning rivers or canyons long before the invention of prestressed concrete. Nowadays, stay cables are prestressed and are thus considerably contributing to the span and stability of the structure.

Stay cables are either completely lifted/pulled from the bridge platform to the pylon or individually inserted and locked by means of wedges. Afterwards, depending on the method, all the cables are stressed using multi-stressing jacks or each cable is stressed immediately after insertion using single-strand stressing jacks. Paul offers solutions for this special application in bridge decks or on high pylons.

For stressing stay cables we supply

  • Devices for preparation and assembly of the strands, pushing machines and cutters
  • Anchor wedges and only 16 mm large king wire couplers for easy insertion of the strand through the anchor plate
  • Single-strand and multi-strand stressing jacks for stressing and correcting the stay cables
  • Reference and working jacks for stressing and correcting stay cables

We should be glad to provide advice on the following subjects

  • Pushing/pulling-in of stay cables
  • Cutting of stay cables to length
  • Stressing of stay cables using multi-stressing or single-wire stressing jacks


The efficiency of wind power plants increases with the hub height. Particularly in the onshore sector, the required wind conditions with low turbulences and constant/high speed can only be found in higher wind layers. The hub height which nowadays often is (considerably) over 150 m also results in special demands on the statics of the wind power tower. Due to the big force acting on the tip of the tower via the rotor blades, the tower wants to bend. To counteract, the concrete towers are reinforced by means of tendons. Paul supplies equipment both for concrete towers made of prefabricated parts and for the concrete bases of hybrid towers.

For stressing towers we supply

  • Automatic anchor manufacturing equipment, also with automatic application of button heads, optical waste optimization, pushing accuracy of e.g. +/- 3 mm on a pushing length of 100 m
  • Automatic anchor manufacturing equipment for the production of greased PE-coated strand anchors with variable sheaths removal length and injection hose
  • Manual/semiautomatic anchor manufacturing equipment
  • Lightweight stressing jacks and hollow-piston cylinders made of carbon fiber reinforced aluminium up to a stressing force of 5000 kN
  • Suitable hydraulic units, from portable units up to ones with large tank and pneumatic tires
  • Optional with TENSAcontrol for logging the stressing force and elongation
  • Hydraulic lifting equipment to allow workers in the foundation cellar to work overhead in order to be able to stress vertical tendons
  • Wedges for stressing methods

We should be glad to provide advice on the following subjects

  • Anchor manufacturing
  • Stressing of concrete towers
  • Selection of the appropriate equipment

Geotechnical engineering

Another major field of application for machines and equipment from Paul is geotechnics. Geotechnics often isn’t noticed in everyday life; however, it isn’t only used in mountainous regions for slope stabilization, for instance, but in many cases also on construction sites and in building pits. A great variety of equipment is available both for temporary removable anchors and for permanent anchors. We also supply the appropriate stressing jacks for bar anchors. We see our challenge in your special requirement. Paul supplied for example two stressing jacks with 1500 kN and 22000 kN, each with 1000 mm stroke, for 95 m long ground anchors with 61, i.e. 91 strands, including an official calibration certificate. Do you have special requirements? Please contact us!

For geotechnical engineering we supply

  • Pushing machines and uncoiling reels
  • Single-wire stressing jacks, light alloy and CFRP stressing jacks up to 5000 kN, hollow-piston cylinders with manual wedge-seating device and multi-stressing jacks for strand anchors and bar anchors, support chairs with wedge retaining devices, stepped anchor stressing jacks with hydraulic units of various sizes
  • Optional with TENSAcontrol elongation and stressing force logging for documentation of your quality
  • Constant pressure units for testing anchors
  • Factory calibration up to 10000 kN or official calibration
  • Handling accessories and anchor grips, anchor plates in small series
  • Anchor manufacturing equipment in various levels of automation

We should be glad to provide advice on the following subjects

  • Anchor manufacturing
  • Wedge seating
  • Anchor testing
  • Stressing force measurement
  • Calibration
  • Selection of the appropriate stressing equipment

Anchor manufacturing

Paul produces manual, semiautomatic or fully automatic anchor manufacturing equipment for cost-effective and time-saving preparation of tendons for use on the construction site for bridges, stay cables, geotechnical engineering or wind power towers. We are complying with your requirements and the local conditions.

For anchor manufacturing we supply

  • Special uncoiling reels and wire cages
  • Pushing machines up to 12 m/s for wire or strand and for highest precision (e.g. +/- 2-3 mm on a pushing length of 100 m)
  • Strand greasing and pushing into PE sheaths with variable bonding distance
  • Removal of PE sheaths and degreasing the strand ends
  • Button heading on wire with optical control for waste optimization
  • Cross transfer and buffer on worktables for further manual processing
  • Equipment for pre-compressing wedge anchors
  • Reels and drums for coiling finished tendons

We should be glad to provide advice on the following subjects

  • Strand pushing and greasing
  • Anchor manufacturing
  • Button heading
  • Optical waste optimization with automatic image processing
  • Automation level of the system